Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Asiamanhub customer service. Please review this FAQ in order to acquire the assistance you need. 
This FAQ is divided into 4 sections: (1) Log In, (2) Billing, (3) Technical, (4) Other.


Log In Issues

How can I retrieve a lost password or username?
1. Review your older e-mails: all members receive their log-ins and should have it on file.
2. Click here. to retreive username and password

My log-in doesn't work!
1. First, try to "copy & paste" your log-in, as recorded in your e-mail. Members who inadvertently induce typographical misprints when typing it in manually (common mix ups might include the letter b & number 6, letter l and number 1, etc).
2. If your log-in does not function, contact we can remedy the issue on our end.


Billing Concerns

How do I subscription?
You can buy TrueMoney e-Pins from and subscription here.

How does cancellation work?
You will automatic canaellation when end of subscription time.

How does renewal work?
You can buy TrueMoney e-Pins from and subscription here.


Video Issues

Do I need a special movie player?
Most computers, mobile phonehave Media Player installed and that program will play all of the videos we have. You can also use your favorite player if you have one. MP4 is the standard on Windows and Mobile phone.

The video doesn't work / plays slowly / is choppy!
For the majority of our members, videos are able to play without issue. Thus if you're experiencing difficulties, please - help us help you - by providing some information so we can investigate the problem. We have two suggestions.
1. Traceroute In less than 1 minute, you can go to and quickly follow their instructions.
2. 6 Quick Questions

Once you have this information, Please click here. and we can get our crew to investigate the issue. 

Note: Although many members point out that they can view other sites well, and thus presume this information is unnecessary - this information is still vital for us. Sometimes there may be a pattern - and although your computer may be fine, it may be a programming issue on our end. Thus if we see an issue, we can (for example) contact Verizon (if we see their customers regularly have issues) or get our programmers to work (such as for compatibility issues with certain PCs). Information can only help us in helping you!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact customer service for an immediate issue?
Email to :

Do you have DVDs? When will you have DVDs available?
We do not currently offer DVDs - although aware of the option, our sites are new offerings and so our current focus is in obtaining more high-quality content for your enjoyment. Once we acquire a larger archive, we may begin reconsidering the issue.

I have a question that is not answered in this FAQ.
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions that are not addressed in our FAQ. Please click here.